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Cash Deposit Machine

. Ramsun cash deposit machine is a high-speed banknote depositor which allows users to deposit cash directly into their accounts. This product is capable of detecting banknotes by thickness, CIS, magnetic stripe control, and ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, making it possible to detect intact and genuine banknotes. Ramsun reduces a significant portion of the daily operations of tellers on receiving cash and prevents security/health hazards of carrying and exchanging banknotes.
Features and Advantages
• Central processor with an Android operating system and touch screen
• User authentication via smart ID card
• Instant deposit to users bank account (depending on bank switch service)
• Processing 720 banknotes per minute . Accepting 200 banknotes per transaction
• Ability to define newly published banknotes . Escrow compartment to refund in case of user cancellation
• 57 mm thermal receipt printer
• Vibration and heat sensors to detect theft attempts . Providing card services such as account balance, short invoice, bill payment, etc. (Optional)
• Optimized transit path and algorithm ensuring ultra-low jam rate
• Approximate capacity of 10,000 banknotes in a secure bag inside the safe subject to the thickness and fitness of local currency



Desktop Payment Terminal
Tackle demanding payment challenges anywhere with a full range of connection and security features, combined in an ergonomic and robust package. Harness superior processing speeds and the widest range of connectivity with an all-in-one device ready to accept tap, dip, swipe, or chip & PIN payments, anywhere your business may take you